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Your Municipal Workhorse!

The SNOWBLAST Commercial Series Snowblowers are your solution to tough winter highway maintenance where you need it the most. Clear major roads, airport runways, anywhere you need public access.  Free-cast into areas with no fear of insurmountable banks forming or into a truck and haul it off.

SNOWBLAST commercial blowers use a helical feeding and chopping system as the main part of the blowing operation. Each impeller is driven by a high strength aircraft quality shaft coupled to a splined shear hub to power through tough snow banks with ease. The single-phase design allows the unit to gather the snow, feed it into the fan, and discharge through the spout in one motion. All of this is done with one revolution of the blower's fan, allowing for a higher capacity with lower HP requirements. In contrast, an auger style blower must gather the snow from outside the machine, bringing it inward toward the fan before discharge. This significantly slows your productivity.

SNOWBLAST offers high quality components, superior strength, great visiblity, and high productivity. The uniframe construction of the body is of 7-gauge plate steel which produces a shell of superior strength and durability.  The engine, mounted directly behind the blower unit, provides for excellent operator visibility and a more even weight distribution for a better balanced and stabilized machine. Durable direct drive gives you more power with no slipping belts and less maintenance. Conveniently located panels provide easy access for preventative maintenance. A standard bolt-on, replaceable tapered cutting edge is incorporated to loosen the snow on impact and guide it into the chopping system contributing to productivity.

Cast freely out or into a truck with a 3/16 “ abrasion resistant steel spout featuring a 14” x 24” opening. Capable of turning up to 270 degrees and hydraulically operated from inside the cab. The spout design features an opening between the spout and the body to protect against spout freeze-down.

The blower is designed to have a minimum number of moving parts to eliminate expensive repairs and keep your maintenance costs low. Drive chains are enclosed in an oil bath reservoir and can be easily adjusted from the outside of the unit without removing the covers.  All functions of the blower are operated by a wireless remote control from inside the cab of the front-end loader.

Produced to mount on a front-end loader, the unit easily attaches by using a quick coupler. The female hitch is included with your order, pin-on or quick coupler. The ability to raise or lower the blower to accommodate drifts of any size is a distinct feature of the loader mounted commercial models.


Snowblast Commercial Snowblowers


M-7000 MD

M-8000 MD

M-8500 HD

M-9000 HD

1500 TPH
2500 TPH
2800 TPH
2800 TPH
Weight (Approx.)
6700 lbs.
9700 lbs.
10,200 lbs.
11,700 lbs.
Cutting Width
84 inches
96 inches 102 inches 108 inches
Cutting Height
42 inches 48 inches 51 inches 60 inches
Engine HP
130 HP
240 HP 275 HP 275 HP
Note: SNOWBLAST by Teamco reserves the right to change the above specifications at its own discretion.

Options Available

•  Wings to widen snowblower 12 inches (6 inches per side)

•  Skid Shoes with carbide inserts

•  Ether Assist

•  Replaceable Weld-in Fan Liners

•  Residential Muffler

•  Caster Wheels

•  Telescoping Spout

•  Fold-down Spout

•  Special Paint Colors Available (Standard Color is Yellow)

Note: SNOWBLAST by Teamco reserves the right to change the above specifications at its own discretion.

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